Asset Management

Private equity and venture capital investors periodically face extreme business cycles: intense fund creation and investment waves, broad value creation and consolidation periods, massive exit and divestiture phases. In order to maintain their competitive edge at all times, investors must have access to the best resources who can bring optimal solutions at each phase of the investment cycle.

The Celtis Capital partners provide private equity investors with professional expertise and integrated transactional services applicable to all phases of the private equity value chain. Our team combines three poles of know-how: strategic and field operations management, private equity and venture capital management and, financial and transactional expertise.

In relation to the management of situations pertaining to individual portfolio positions or for outsourcing portfolio management, Celtis Capital can implement integrated and customized solutions.


Portfolio Management

  • We undertake the management of whole or partial portfolios; 
  • We optimize valuation and return through repositioning and customized exit transactions.

Integrated Transactional Services

Upon request, we take charge of any or all components of the private equity and venture capital value chain, from pre-investment activities through value creation and exit.